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Diabetes and bananas. Facts and fictions.

17 November, 2013 (03:32) | Health | By: admin

Should Diabetics Eat BananasThe problem of healthy nutrition has become popular all over the world.

People have to choose food very carefully if they want to be healthy and in a good condition all the time. The choice of food products is of great importance for diabetics, as they have to choose such fruit and vegetables that do not raise the level of sugar in blood.

Diabetics have a great choice of fruit and vegetables that are not risky for their health. However, there is a great list of products that should not be eaten by diabetics, as they contribute to the increase of the level of sugar in blood.

Diabetics all over the world are interested whether bananas are good for their health or not. Why is the interest to bananas so great? Moreover, bananas are considered to be a comparatively cheap product, so people all over the world can buy them anytime.

Interesting questions arise: Should diabetics eat bananas?, Are bananas sufficient for diabetics?, and Can bananas do any harm to diabetics?

Specialists all over the world have been constantly discussing this question and, as a result, they drew several conclusions. First and foremost, people should differentiate between different types of diabetes.

People of the first type of diabetes are considered to be insulin-dependent and, as a rule, the level blood sugar is up to 15.

This category of people is not allowed to eat bananas at all, as they contribute to the worsening of diabetics’ health.

Why? Diabetics of the first type of the disease should remember that bananas contain a great percentage of sugar and carbohydrates, which make bananas a risky product for people who are dependent on glucose.

Diabetics who have the second type of the disease have a lower level of sugar in blood in comparison to those who have ‘type 1 diabetes.’

Diabetics with the second type of the disease are allowed to eat bananas, but not in big proportions. Why? The reason for it is obvious.

Bananas contain much sugar and carbohydrates, which are necessary for the normal functioning of human’s organism.

In case the level of sugar in blood is not very high, diabetics are allowed to eat bananas in small proportions and not very often, which will not increase the level of sugar in blood of diabetics.

Regardless of the fact that some specialists state that bananas for diabetics are nutritious to some extent, the majority of health care professionals all over the world claim that diabetics should not eat bananas under any circumstances.

Diabetics, however, should keep to a diet that should be first discussed with a specialist individually, while each person has different symptoms of the disease.

In addition, there is a category of people that has genetic predisposition to the development of the disease.

Such people should develop a very careful attitude to their meals, as it can either contribute to the development of the disease or prevent it from developing.

In order to avoid further development of the disease, diabetics should combine their diet with physical exercises, as physical exercises contribute to better acceptance of glucose by the cells of the organism and, consequently, the level blood sugar is likely to decrease.

Diabetics should always remember that bananas contain great proportions of fructose, which leads to the formation of insulin resistance and thus to the development of diabetes.

In order to live a healthy life, diabetics should avoid eating bananas.

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